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ShowingTime+’s Listing Showcase now nationwide
2/23/2024 11:26 AM
Zillow announced in a February 21 press release that the AI-driven marketing stack for listing agents, Listing Showcase, sold under the ShowingTime+ brand is now ready for primetime...Read More
15 fresh, workable video content ideas for 2024
2/23/2024 10:41 AM
If you know you should be creating video for marketing, but you"re out of ideas, Jimmy Burgess offers plenty of strategies that are working now...Read More
RentSpree, St. Louis’s MARIS MLS forge new proptech partnership
2/23/2024 8:22 AM
As many as 15,000 members of St. Louis-based MARIS will have access to ApplyLink, RentSpree"s solution for slow lease transactions, dated lead capture, conversion tactics and rental workflows...Read More
‘The Mortgage Professor’ Jack Guttentag dies peacefully at 100
2/23/2024 7:44 AM
Guttentag "remained sharp to the end” and continued researching and writing about mortgages until passing away peacefully on Feb. 6...Read More
Commissions, objections, spring: Inman’s Top 5 stories of the week
2/23/2024 6:54 AM
Looking for a quick catch-up on the buzziest stories of the week? Here’s Inman Top 5, the most essential stories, according to Inman readers...Read More
Teaming up with AI: Your new partner in real estate success
2/23/2024 3:00 AM
Real estate coach Bernice Ross shares top insights about the future of AI from MIT professor Dr. R. David Edelman from ICNY 2024...Read More
10 ways to elevate your pursuit of real estate happiness
2/23/2024 3:00 AM
New Inman contributor Milena Monet writes that happiness is not just a destination but a continuous pursuit fueled by meaningful connections, personal growth and purposeful actions...Read More
Shares in Rocket up after hours as investors roll with $233M Q4 loss
2/22/2024 5:11 PM
Mortgage giant reports positive adjusted earnings for the third consecutive quarter, "despite some of the most difficult industry conditions in three decades," CEO Varun Krishna says. ...Read More
RE/MAX CEO Nick Bailey exits as company revenue falls again in Q4
2/22/2024 3:48 PM
RE/MAX announced it was making changes to its executive team after revenue fell for a sixth consecutive quarter to end 2023. Amy Lessinger will succeed Bailey as president...Read More
EXp posts revenue uptick in Q4 — but not enough to turn a profit
2/22/2024 3:44 PM
The company best-known for its virtual brokerage brought in $983 million in revenue between October and December, even as a difficult market took a toll, according to Q4 earnings released Thursday...Read More

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Your Money Articles from New York Times:
The Loophole for Grandparents in the New FAFSA Rules
2/17/2024 4:04 AM
Even amid the botched rollout of the new financial aid form, a rule change will let some grandparents help pay for college without compromising aid eligibility...Read More
The $50K Scam: F.T.C., C.I.A. and Amazon Weigh In on NY Magazine’s Charlotte Cowles
2/16/2024 2:17 PM
New York magazine’s money columnist wrote about being conned out of $50,000 by crooks pretending to be from Amazon and government agencies. We asked the company and agencies for comment...Read More
A Mortgage After 65: A ‘No Brainer’ or a Big Risk?
2/17/2024 7:25 PM
Fueled by once-low rates, more older Americans have mortgage debt, according to new research. But the downsides can be significant, some experts say...Read More
Money in College Savings Accounts Can Now Go Toward Retirement
2/16/2024 8:00 AM
But there are caveats to moving the money into Roth I.R.A.s, and the government still has to issue guidelines about the option...Read More
Looking for a Lower Credit Card Interest Rate? Good Luck.
2/23/2024 8:00 AM
Comparison sites often emphasize the big banks’ offerings even though smaller banks and credit unions typically charge significantly less...Read More
Tips for Renting a Car Abroad
2/21/2024 8:06 AM
Hitting the open road can be a memorable way to explore a country, but it comes with potentially expensive hazards. Here’s how to navigate some of them...Read More
Employers Can Now Enroll Workers in Some Emergency Savings Accounts
2/9/2024 8:00 AM
But many companies are spurning the “clunky” legal requirements for accounts linked to retirement plans. Instead, some have stand-alone rainy day offerings...Read More
How FAFSA Changes Affect Multiple Family Members in College
2/3/2024 2:00 AM
The federal financial aid formula used to give a break to families with two or more children in college at a time. That’s gone now, and some schools may not fill the gap...Read More
F.T.C. Warns Dozens of Funeral Homes to Provide Accurate Costs to Callers
2/2/2024 8:00 AM
The agency said an “undercover phone sweep” of more than 250 homes found that 38 failed to provide prices or supplied inconsistent prices in separate calls...Read More
A New Perk for Some Student Loan Borrowers: A 401(k) Match
2/2/2024 4:03 AM
Legislation that went into effect this year makes it easier for student loan borrowers to save for retirement while paying down their debt...Read More

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