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News from Inman News:
Compass CEO reveals more ambitions to be real estate’s ‘one-stop shop’
4/19/2019 7:44 PM
Compass CEO Robert Reffkin believes the real estate industry is experiencing a "Netflix versus Blockbuster moment," and he wants his company to emerge as a one-stop shop that provides all services associated with moving...Read More
Breaking: Zillow sues Compass over poached employees, intellectual property
4/19/2019 7:29 PM
Zillow on Friday filed two lawsuits against Compass, alleging the tech-enabled brokerage poached its employees as part of an effort to steal its intellectual property. The suits were filed in Washington state and in federal court, respectively, and argue that Compass lured away three Zillow employees who had signed contracts with non-disclosure an...Read More
Atlanta’s privatized affordable housing startup PadSplit raises $4.6M
4/19/2019 5:54 PM
The Atlanta-based startup has raised $4.6 million with help from Core Innovation Capital and other socio-economic aware investment organizations....Read More
Vacation rental company Vacasa buys Sterling Resorts
4/19/2019 1:11 PM
Vacation rental startup Vacasa announced that it has purchased vacation rental management company Sterling Resorts this week...Read More
Airbnb eyes commercial buildings in new partnership
4/19/2019 11:51 AM
Airbnb is working to launch a new hospitality service that will give short-term renters access to spaces in commercial buildings in New York City...Read More
The Inman Weekender: Contract terms every agent should know
4/19/2019 10:21 AM
Getting back to basics, plus this week"s top news....Read More
Broker sues Sotheby’s rival for ‘cybersquatting,’ use of name
4/19/2019 9:36 AM
If you"ve got a name that"s synonymous with your business, it might be a good idea to buy it as a domain name — if only to keep it away from your rivals...Read More
NAR: Sustainability sells
4/19/2019 9:00 AM
Eco-friendly home features have broad appeal among consumers and can play a valuable role in real estate marketing, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors...Read More
Housing starts declined in March
4/19/2019 7:43 AM
Housing starts fell 0.3 percent between February and March and dropped 14.2 percent year-over-year, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Housing and Urban Development, released Friday...Read More
The career outlook for real estate agents in 2020
4/19/2019 4:36 AM
The world of real estate is rewarding, challenging and ever-changing. To help you know what’s ahead for strategic planning purposes, here’s an outlook on the industry through 2020...Read More

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Your Money Articles from New York Times:
Wealth Matters: 4 Tax Strategies That Could Make a Divorce Settlement Easier
4/19/2019 5:32 PM
Divorce negotiations are never easy, and they became more complicated this year, thanks to the tax overhaul. Here are four tips for taxpayers to consider...Read More
Strategies: ‘Medicare for All’ Is Hammering Health Care Stocks. For Now.
4/19/2019 12:46 PM
The popularity of proposals for a government-run, single-payer system among Democratic presidential candidates has hurt health care stocks, despite their strong earnings...Read More
Your Money Adviser: Before Deciding on a College, Look Closely at the Financial Aid Letter
4/19/2019 9:21 AM
Schools are not required to use the same terminology in their offers. And an “award” could mean a grant — or a loan. “Celebrate,” one expert says. “Then, decide....Read More
Sketch Guy: A Journey of 1,000 Miles Begins With the Current Step, Not the Next One
4/17/2019 3:10 PM
In business, in a relationship or in any big project, you have to focus here before you focus there...Read More
Shocked by Your Tax Refund? Next Year Could Be Worse Unless You Act Now
4/14/2019 1:18 PM
Fewer taxpayers have received refunds so far this year, and refunds are smaller. Now is the time to check your paycheck withholdings...Read More
Face It: You (Probably) Got a Tax Cut
4/14/2019 1:22 PM
Studies consistently find that the 2017 law cut taxes for most Americans. Most of them don’t buy it...Read More
Buying a Tesla Seems Pretty Easy. But There Are a Few Things to Know.
4/12/2019 9:23 PM
Now that shopping for the cheapest Model 3 can’t be done online, a reporter set out to find just how difficult the process was...Read More
Your Money: Your Student Loan Servicer Will Call You Back in a Year. Sorry.
4/12/2019 3:38 PM
Many public servants in the federal loan forgiveness program spot errors in the count of their qualifying payments. Their servicer tells them reviews will take a while...Read More
For Stocks, the Good Times Came Back. But for How Long?
4/12/2019 1:27 PM
In early 2019, the stock market soared. We provide detailed analysis, along with a dollop of humor and a glimpse of a new thing: climate-change funds...Read More
Wealth Matters: Who’s at Fault? Read the Fine Print to Make Sure You’re Not at Risk
4/12/2019 11:27 AM
Liability waivers, often in small type and filled with legal verbiage, have become a part of modern life. But how enforceable are they...Read More

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